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ebook data and analysis for the Kindle Store in an easy-to-use format

To be a successful self-published author with Amazon, you need to spend a lot of time on research. Kindle Data Reports accelerate your research by doing the grunt-work for you. Here’s what you get in every report:

Title, author, rank, price and review data in Excel or text form
Price breakdowns for the Top 100 and subsets in any category
Kindle Unlimited statuses for the Top 100 and subsets
KU Status
Word clouds of the most common words in blurbs
Blurb analysis

Want to see an example?

In a Kindle Data Report you get this in a spreadsheet or text file for any of the categories or subcategories listed to the left, plus:

  • titles published in the last 30 days and preorder titles
  • breakdowns of price and Kindle Unlimited status
  • cover montages for identifying visual elements
  • all categories for all books listed
  • word frequency analysis on blurbs for identifying common themes and tropes
  • the 'Estimated Top 1000', a detailed list of high-ranking books giving you insight into trends, themes and longevity of titles that earn steady income

Reports are updated every two weeks (around the 1st and 15th of each month), giving you timely access to information. Buy a single report for USD20, or subscribe for access to everything for one price of USD30/month.

*Payment and delivery of reports is handled securely by Gumroad. Learn about safe buying on Gumroad here. For questions, comments or suggestions, contact [email protected]